Neighborhood Questions & Answers

Q. Will the lights that are being proposed for this project, create a headlight effect for homes that are directly facing them?
A. No. Musco 2015 Green 8 Pole LED System has total light control and has a lighting control panel that allows for adjustments. These lights are factory aimed and tested. Light wash basically non-existent with this system.

Q. There have been issues with the PA System in the past being too loud.
A. A new sound system will be part of this project. This will replace the old antiquated system no being used. This system will have speakers on both sides of the field that allows for concentrated sound eliminating the need for the larger speaker as currently used. The system will operate within the tolerable 65dBA limits.

Q. If the project is approved, who we call to deal with issues should they arise?
A. Our group is committed to putting together a board, consisting of school parents and school staff that will meet regularly with surrounding neighbors to go over any issue’s that might be going on. On the event night, there will be a point person designated and posted on the school’s website, to take any calls.

Q. How will you deal with any security concerns?
A. For the larger attended events, our group will hire an outside security company to patrol neighborhood areas during the event to maintain safety and security.

Q. Won’t the District use the lights to increase revenue by “farming” the field out to adult leagues?
A. No. The District and our group are in complete agreement on no adult league is to be permitted the use of the lights.

Q. What is our recourse if all or some of these issues come about if this project moves forward?
A. During the CEQA process, a report regarding lights, sound, parking, and traffic will be drafted and made public for all neighbors to view and make any comments they might have regarding the project and the report. After this process has been completed, there will be a document created that will specifically spell out all the regulations the District will be legally required to abide by when lights are used.

Q. Why are lights needed at all?
A. To allow for:
1. Our student-athletes, who play sports in the winter and spring will now be able to stay in class and not have to leave school early so that games/practices can get started and completed before it gets dark.
2. Student-athlete safety. Differing sports will not be forced to practice at the same time.
3. Our winter and spring sports teams, give them the ability to complete all their games, which are sometimes called because of darkness.
4. For all teams to be able to practice at the school and not have to travel to other fields in Novato to do so.
5. Increase’s in Student attendance; school spirit and pride; parent involvement; community support.