“Why our student-athletes need stadium lights”?

Student-athletes can stay in class for the entire school day. Currently, winter sports athletes such as soccer and lacrosse players often have to leave afternoon classes early to participate in their sport. Lights will allow games practice to begin later, thereby preserving full academic schedules.

The fundraising efforts for the San Marin Lights continues.  We are still targeting the Fall of THIS YEAR, 2018 to have the lights installed and ready for ALL of our outdoor athletic teams to benefit.
The Lights Will Benefit ALL Students – both in the classroom and on the field
Student-athletes can stay in class for the entire school day. Currently, winter sports athletes such as soccer players often have to leave afternoon classes early to begin their games with sufficient daylight to complete them.  Lights would allow games to begin later thereby preserving a consistently full academic schedule.
Efficient field usage.  The all-weather turf field accommodates multiple San Marin teams each season — four soccer teams in winter, four lacrosse teams in spring, and three football teams in the fall.  Limited to daylight hours, each team shares segments of the field simultaneously with other teams on practice days.  Stadium lights would provide more flexibility in scheduling team practices and use of the entire field to improve team performance.
Flexible game (and practice) times. — Inclement weather, in the form of heavy rain or intense heat, is a common cause of game (and practice) cancelations.  Stadium lights would allow games to be played later on the originally scheduled day — when conditions may improve — rather than being rescheduled for another day or canceled outright as experienced during last fall’s heat wave.
Enhanced community experience. — Stadium lights would provide opportunities for greater community participation in San Marin events.  Games with later starting times will allow working parents, relatives, friends and fans to watch and participate more fully.  Student-athletes will enjoy more spectators at their events and San Marin athletics would realize increased revenue from greater ticket and concession sales.  While benefiting San Marin High School directly, the lights would also provide increased fitness and recreational opportunities for the many Novato citizens who use the adjacent running/walking track as student-athletes use the field.  In sum, stadium lights would strengthen bonds between San Marin High School and the surrounding community while enhancing the quality of life in Novato.
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Thanks to the many individuals and businesses throughout our community, our fundraising goal is within our grasp,  So far, we have raised 450,000 of our $600,000 goal.  However, we still need your help in making it to the finish line to ensure this project is completed on time.  Click here to make your donation today.

Our Fundraising Goal!

We have raised $450000 out of $600000.

$150000 left to reach our goal!

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San Marin Boosters has committed to paying 50% of construction costs for the stadium lighting. (600k). To date, Boosters has raised 450K from local donors for the project.